Relocation Challenge

Posted by tannerconsult on September 24, 2014  /   Posted in Telecom Consulting Blog

This client approached us with a last minute challenge…
With only two weeks before this retail call center relocated within their building to another floor they contacted TCG for help: there was no commitment from the company’s network carriers and telecom vendor to relocate their voice systems and all voice, data and internet circuits to the new floor.

TCG obtained a vendor to relocate the voice system, contacted all carriers; removed needless circuits; negotiated more effective, competitive carrier rates and arranged for all circuits to be promptly relocated.

If your business is relocating, contact all carriers at least 60 calendar days before the relocation; review all telecom contracts; confirm the ability to conduct the required changes and obtain a committed relocation time & date or,
Contact experienced telecom consultants and project managers to facilitate your relocation. TCG is that source.
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