Five Tips to Support a Successful Technology Relocation

Posted by darcy knapp on September 17, 2015  /   Posted in Telecom Consulting Blog

Business relocation is more than boxes, bubble wrap and technology. It’s about how the business will prosper; it’s about moving into new space and installing operations flawlessly. It’s about commencing work in the new location on day one (as if you’ve worked there for years).

Potential clients have asked what it takes to relocate technology without the headaches, sleepless nights and worrisome second thoughts: did we cover everything?

1. DUE DILIGENCE: Take a complete and thorough inventory of every current piece of technology room (data center) and desktop technology: Perform an inventory of all telecommunication circuits: voice, data, Internet, market data (Reuters, Bloomberg), business (Lexis/Nexis, MedLine) and others. Do you pay for other equipment or circuits that are off‐site (and possibly not on any bill you actually pay, but paid elsewhere in your firm or by others)? Review all telecommunication invoices for accuracy prior to moving. Discrepancies may translate into refunds or rebates.

2. REVIEW all physical technology: PC’s, laptops, tablets, printers, switches, servers, routers, UPS’, voice system (gateways, servers), software and telecommunication carrier contracts to identify title or lease ownership. You may discover you’re locked into a long lease or actually own a fungible asset. This provides the opportunity to discover if upgrades are required or if changes to contract language are needed. You may desire to sell or donate legacy or superfluous hardware.

3. CONTACT your proposed telecom carriers immediately to alert them of your plans. Be prepared to order circuits with a minimum 60 calendar day lead time. Remember: hosted and cloud applications may alter your bandwidth requirements and; telecom connectivity may alter this need, too. Depending on complexity and construction realities, circuits should be installed several days to several weeks prior to the relocation date.

4. CONSIDER the technology rooms. Remember: technology is the pulse of your business: physical placement is critical. Are hosted solutions, Cloud applications, IPT or VoIP inevitable? Where will your main technology room be located? What are the spatial requirements? What are the power & UPS requirements? What are the HVAC
requirements? What are the WirelessLAN requirements? What growth is built into the design? What ‘green” initiatives can I deploy? What mobility applications are required?

What Business Continuity plans should be built into the design?
How will personnel be alerted when ‐ not if ‐ problems occur? Think cooling failure, power failure, water damage, illegal entry, etc. If you relocate to more than one floor, will one technology room suffice or, will you profit from an additional space (to accommodate cabling, distance restrictions and/or additional technology)?

5. PROFESSIONAL Assistance: How much time will be spent on the aforementioned activities? What dollar value do you place on that time? Do you (or your staff) have the expertise, contacts and TIME to collect, gather, design, produce specifications or RFP’s, evaluate, recommend, negotiate, coordinate, and manage a successful technology
relocation? Simply: we’re ready to help.

6. BONUS ACTIVITY TIP. What technology infrastructures must be confirmed well before you relocate?

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