• Five Tips to Support a Successful Technology Relocation - Business relocation is more than boxes, bubble wrap and technology. It’s about how the business will prosper; it’s about moving into new space and installing operations flawlessly. It’s about commencing work in the new location on day one (as if you’ve worked there for years). Potential clients have asked what it takes to relocate technology without the […]
  • Eliminating the Desktop Phone? - Looking to eliminate the desktop phone? This can be done with an IP telephony “soft phone” application. Simply, your Laptop or PC- deployed with the appropriate software – becomes the vehicle to support  telephone communications.  A headset or USB handset is typically used to support this application.  Although the soft phone application has been typically […]
  • Remote Support Realities - A new client informed TCG they would be using their local network integrator to support their headquarters location – located in upstate New York – and remote site relocation -located in New York City). Unfortunately, the client did not conduct full due diligence to discover how their “remote” NYC site was going to be supported […]
  • SIP Trunking Realities - A new TCG client told us how they had been proselytized by a carrier with an opportunity to replace an established PRI with SIP trunking: all in the name of cost reductions. The service – installed for approximately two years – achieved cost reductions, but at a price: the firm lost the ability to transfer […]
  • Hosted Solution Challenge - A recent TCG client approached us with a challenge: design a solution to replace their substandard hosted voice service. TCG evaluated the environment and constructed a plan: develop a formidable MPLS network connecting their three locations with an IPT in-house solution. TCG leveraged the client’s embedded infrastructure to establish the groundwork for the IPT solution […]
  • Enterprise Challenge - TCG was recently engaged to project manage a critical fast-track IPT upgrade transformation for a major international bank. TCG identified challenges to the established project plan; fashioned a rationale approach to project time frames; fostered team progress; helped craft a viable PMO template and successfully cut over 1200 call center agents & 5000 total endpoints […]
  • Relocation Challenge - This client approached us with a last minute challenge… With only two weeks before this retail call center relocated within their building to another floor they contacted TCG for help: there was no commitment from the company’s network carriers and telecom vendor to relocate their voice systems and all voice, data and internet circuits to […]
  • NYC Telecom Consulting Service - Tanner Consulting Group Tanner Telecom Consulting Group (TCG) provides assistance to companies looking to expand, relocate or upgrade their phone services in the greater NYC area. TCG is a NYC Telecom Consulting and project management firm serving the tri-state area including: NYC, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut. TCG has more than two decades of […]
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