Technology Relocation, Telecom Audit, Cost Control in New York and Tri-State Area

73738271_scaled_193x205Ensure a smooth business relocation with technology relocation, telecom audit, and cost control services provided by Tanner Consulting Group in Western New York, Service Areas: NY & NE USA.

Relocation Strategies

Business relocation is more than boxes, bubble wrap and technology. The embedded “Five Tips” guide identifies a number of actions so necessary for a successful relocation. Click, read and call us to discuss your project:

Five Tips to Support a Successful Technology Relocation

Take the first step in verifying that your proposed new location meets technology and telecom requirements. Tanner Consulting Group negotiates and advises on asset swap, pre-purchase or physical relocation of tangible assets into new facilities. We have managed migration strategies for:

• Financial Institutions
• Traders
• Banks
• Legal Firms
• Architects
• Publishing Firms
• Pharmaceuticals
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Schools
• Nonprofits
• Manufacturer
• Retailers





Auditing and Controlling Costs

Have your company’s current telecom expenditures evaluated and receive recommendations for telecom cost control. If applicable, rebates or refunds may be available. Tanner Consulting Group has retrieved approximately $800,000 in refunds and rebates for its clients.

Contact us today at 716-241-1920 and request a consultation from Tanner Consulting Group: an experienced telecommunications consultancy. Service Areas: NY & NE USA
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